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Ascot Motorcycle Road

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Ascot Motorcycle Road
Headlight wont work.?

I am a 17 year old high school senior. I recently purchased a 1984 Honda ascot vt500 for $300. When i bought it, it was in very rough shape and would not start. After hours and hours of hard work the motorcycle runs like a charm it is a great bike.

My problem is I can not get any of my running lights to work; headlight, tail light, license plate light etc. I have examined all of the wiring and it is all fine, brand new headlight bulb and battery, I checked the connection between the start switch and the wires going to the electric box in the front, all of the wires were fine and the soldering is good.

I really don’t know what else to do, it wont pass inspection without the running lights. None of the local Honda dealerships will work on it because it is “to old”.

I think it must be an obvious thing that i have just missed.
Any ideas? I need to get this thing inspected and on the road.

Thanks so much!

My first place to look would be the fuses (obvious, I know). There also may be some in-line fuses along the wiring somewhere. I would also check your connecting blocks. You could have a damaged pin somewhere. If you have a multimeter ($20 at Home Depot) you can check to see if your headlight is getting 12V. If it’s not, trace the positive wire down until you find the culprit. If it is, trace the ground until you find why it isn’t grounding. Since none of your lights work, I would guess you have a bad ground somewhere. Also, check your voltage regulator/rectifier. If that is faulty, your lights may be affected.

So, for a recap, check positive, ground, regulator, and connecting blocks.

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